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You can order Remote Control PRO online and pay by credit card, or use any other payment method listed below. All transactions are absolutely secure. To purchase the software, please select the license and the payment option below, click the "checkout" button and follow instructions on the screen.

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If you like Remote Control PRO and you are a member of Google+ social network, you can get this software for free. Click the "+1 - Recommend this on Google" button in the top of this screen, send us the screenshot proving that you have actually "plus-one'd" our site and receive your free Remote Control PRO license.

To make a screenshot, just click the PrintScreen button in the right-upper side of your keyboard, start Microsoft Word, select the Edit|Paste menu item and send us the resulting file.

This offer does not include technical support and free version upgrades.

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price per controlled PC. allows you to remotelly control the specified number of computers

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