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Use Cases: Network Administrators

The "Complex Dental Center" stomatological company, Portland, Oregon, founded in 1999 by Anthony Newkirk, experienced problems with efficiency serving customers. At any moment during the day at least 2-3 clients were waiting to be served, and in the peak time this value growed to 5-7. The main problem was in the reliability of the computers, printers and network equipment: they were old and often went out of order, producing unwanted delays in serving the clients. The company's computer tech was unable to fix the problems fast enough because of the large number of such errors occuring here and there all day along, and the company was losing money because it processed clients slowly. Moreover, some of the potential clients did not want to wait until their requests will be fulfilled and left the company to be served by the competitors. "Complex Dental Center" did not have budget to upgrade the computer equipment or hire more computer techs, so the problem seemed to be unresolvable.

The management decided to take a deeper look into the problem. Investigation showed, that when a company clerk experiences a computer problem (printer does not print, computer loses database connection, etc.), he/she:

  • Waits if the problem will be resolved automatically (2-3 minutes)
  • If this does not happen, makes a call to the computer tech asking him to come and solve the problem (0.5 minute)
  • Wait for the tech to come (2-10 minutes depending if the tech is busy solving another problem)
  • Waits for the problem to be fixed (2-5 minutes)

As the result, the clerk had to wait 3-15 minutes for the problem to be resolved, and only 2-5 minutes from that time was used for actually fixing the problem. To shorten the wait time, the computer tech suggested to use a software program that will monitor all bottlenecks and alert the tech when a problem occures. They choosed Alchemy Eye, installed it to the company central server and configured it to monitor:

  • All printers used to print papers for the customers for errors
  • The company database to be up and ready to respond
  • Network connection to each PC workstation serving the clients
  • Etc.

When Alchemy Eye identified a new problem, it immediatelly alerts the tech by email and SMS, making the first two parts of the waiting time unnecessary. Moreover, having the complete list of existing problems, the tech is able to better organize his time fixing the most urgent ones first, and this shortened the third part of the waiting time.

During the first week of using Alchemy Eye, the company was able to shorten the client wait time from 3-15 to 1-7 minutes; the average number of clients waiting to be served was decreased from 2-3 to 0-1 (from 5-7 to 2-3 during the peak time). "I am happy to see that annoying problem solved, - Newkirk said. - We did it without spending much on buying new computers, and that was the effective way to make the business".

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