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Software Inventory

Why do you need to perform software inventory? What benefits will your company get from that process?

The short answer is: "licenses". Each and every computer is equipped with the software it runs, and that software costs money. When a company purchass certain software product, the software manufacturer or sellers sels that company the right to use that software on a certain number of computers only. Unfortunatelly, many software products do not have built-in tools controlling the proper use of the purchased licenses (that is, they do not report to the Network Administrator if the number of installations exceeds the number of licenses actually purchased, and that can take (and often takes to) big penalties paid to the software vendors.

The simplest way to avoid this situation is to control the number of software licenses on the company computers with the help of a special software program designed to do that job for you. When launched, that program scans the corporate local area network for computers, and scans each computer found for the software titles installed. After this software inventory scan will be done, the program will generate the combined report showing the number of installations of each individual software on the company's computers. The IT manager will compare these figures with the number of installations the company actually owns and make a decision to either purchase the outstanding licenses or to uninstall the software from the computers where it is not used.

This is the way how our Asset Tracker for Networks acts. You can download the free trial version of the program and check how does it collect software licenses for you, or proceed to the Asset Tracker's main page to see all features of this program.

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