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Network audit is a complex task that consists of multiple components. For example one of thiis component is the network security audit that investigates the network and reals all security holes: safelly open TCP ports, computers with not updated antivirus software, etc. But in this article we will describe a different aspect of network auditing called network inventory.

Our flagship product, Asset Tracker for Networks, will audit net in your organization and provide the network administrator with the detailed report on computers and devices configuration. When start for the first time,Asset Tracker suggests to select dains or workgroups (or even individual computers) in the Microsoft Windows Network computer tree or specify IP address range to scan. Then, having the list of entities or IP addresses, Asset Trackers starts the scan process.

If this or that item (computer or IP address) appears to be connected to the network, Asset Trackers attempts to find out the nature of that entity (Windows computer, network device, Unix computer, etc.) and then audit net by inventorying it. The inventory process is multithreaded - this means that the program inventories more than one computer at one time - and fully atomated, i.e. does not require any assistance fro a human when working. The inventory process displays the full inventory log on the screen so you can check the status of the process or each individual device at any time. This process can also be schedulled, so you can can launch it on the regular basis unattendedly and always have the most actual inventory information.

Please use the links below to either download the free trial Asset Tracker for Networks version and evaluate in in your network, or read more about this outstanding software:

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