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Computers and computer software play an important role in the life of a modern company. Businesses now use (and buy) a lot of software, and managing installed software and purchased software licenses sometimes might be a pain.

Luckily there are tools that simplify this process. One of the best software auditing programs on the Net, Asset Tracker for Networks, isesigned to audit software installed on company computers, generate the list of installations count and compe it to the number of licenses for each software title the company owns.

The software auditing process in Asset Tracker for Networks is fully automated. You download this tool from the Internet, install it to your computer and click the Inventory Network menu item. After that the program scans your network, finds all computers connected and inspects each computer found for the list of software installed. For each software title found Asset Tracker identifies it's name, version, installation path and in some cases other information, e.g. manufacturer name and support website. The process takes approx. 15-30 minutes for an average network and is completely automated, so Asset Tracker doesn't need any assistence from a maWhen working.

After all information mentioned above is collected, the program displays it to the network administrator in the human-readable way so the user can check which software is installed on which computers, compare it to the number of licenses the company owns and print the results.

Please download the free trial versi of the program or read more on Asset Tracker for Networks using the links below:

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