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The network audit process is the thing each network administrator should be aware about. The problem is that a computer network is a wide and complicated thing that can be audited by dozens of parameters, it one can't develop a standard audit procedure that will meet the requirements of every organization in the world, starting from a small store with two computers and ending with big government organizations with thousand of computers located in different cities all over the country.

However, we can suggest you some of the aspects of the network audit process. First of all, you should examine your network for performance and reliability, fixing all problems found in the network configuration. The, during the audit network you should examine security aspects of the network, finding the points of possible entrusions. And the third, but, probably the most important issue of the audit, should be collecting information about computers and network equipment connected to your LAN.

Regardless to say that the network audit process should be automated, and one can find dozens of software titles implementing this or that aspect of the network audit. We want to show you the network inventory tool that will collect all computers and devices information and store it in a single database, allowing you to view it and build complicated reports. This is Asset Tracker for Networks, and you can download the free trial version of the product to check it in your environment.

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