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Almost every company having at least 10-15 computers and more (or much, much more) needs to establish special procedures with the computer users. Computers are quite complex things and sometimes stop working properly because of the misconfiguration that was the reason on the unproper use of the non-qualified users. Users install new software, re-confugure existing programs or download updates, and finally this results in the fact that his or her computer slows up, gives inadequate reaction to the user's commands and so on. Finally, a human cannot perform his/her tasks because he/she has got his/her computer out of order, and they now need a qualified network engineer to assist them. However, the company cannot hire a separate network engineer for each employee, and one network engineer cannot have time to help hunders of people if their computers permanently are oot of order.

To solve the problem, the company's IT stuff often set up certain rules and policies preventing the users from the actions that could negativelly reflect of the computer performance. But this does not always help since the users still need certain rights to do their job, and sometimes they can do the things that will slow up or misconfigure their computers even if strict rules are in act.

This is the case when the software audit will help. With the help of a certain network tool, such as Asset Tracker for Networks (please check the free trial version here), the company IT guys can perform the full audit of the software and hardware configuration for all computers connected to the company local area network. After this will be done, the Network Administrator will be able to generate consolidated reports that will help him or her to find the software problems that might prevent the computers from working properly, and fix them immediatelly even before they will actually start making serious problems to the users.

Please check the Asset Tracker for Networks software and find out how does this tool will help you to perform the full software audit in your company.

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