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Server Hardware Configuration

Hardware configuration of the server is an important factor which influences the speed and quality of the network and other important factors that help to increase the efficiency of the company's functions. If a company clerk cannot serve the client because the corporate database does not respond, or the sales manager cannot send the qupte to the client because the mail server is overloaded, the company cannot compete on the market. However, the server hardware cost much and it is not a wise solution to always buy a new server if the old one does not work as expected. In most cases it would be better to check what hardware component slows down and replace it with a faster one.

But what if there are many servers in a company? Dozens? Hundreds? (Yes, this is a normal situation in certains cases if a company owns and operates hundreds of servers). How do you know what server consists of what parts? And what about the characteristics of those parts?

In this case a network administrator uses a special tool which inventories the corporate network servers and generates a detailed report on what components each server has and what characteristics each component has. This tool will automatically scan the network, find the servers and make a full inventory of each, recording information in a centralized database so the network administrator can later review that report or even build a consolidated report showing the full server hardware configuration for all servers in the company.

Please check the Asset Tracker for Networks software and find out how does this tool will help you to complete your server hardware configuration inventory process.

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