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Network administration teams should perform PC inventory tasks on the regular basis at least a few times a year (depends on the size of the network. The bigger network you operate the more often schedule of network inventory scans should you do). For the networks containing more than 25 PC's (i.e. for almost any corporate network) network administrators use specialized network inventory software that automatically scans the network and inventories all computers and devices found. The inventory information isecorded in a specialized database that later can be used by the network administrator for reviewing of the configuration of individual computers and building consolidated reports.

Asset Tracker for Networks, our PC inventory software, does this job very well. Moreover, it has one significant advantage: it does not require any client software to be manually installed on each network workstation. Let us discuss this issue in more detail.

Some of the software programs of this kind consist of the two parts: the "network administrator" console that is installed on the admin's PC and is usially used to invoke the inventory process and review the results, and a faceless "client module" that is installed on each and every workstation and server in the network and resides there permanently. If the network administrator needs to inventory a certain PC, it launches a corrponding command in the administrator console. Administrator conlsole connects to the client modules running on workstations and retrieve inventory information from them.

This scheme works great but requires the client software to be populated on the network, that could makes certain inconvinience in the case of middle-sized and big networks. Apart from that, our Asset Tracker for Networks software does not require any client tool to be manually installed on every computer. You just download and install Asset Tracker to your PC, click the Inventory Network menu item and get the full network inventory results in munites!

Please use the links below to download the free Asset Tracker for Networks evaluation version or read more technil details about this software:

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