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For a network containing at least 50 PC's (or more) the network administrator should use specialized tools able to retrieve all software and hardware characteristics of all computers connected to the network. In the smaller networks it is sometimes possible for the IT team to have those characteristics in mind, remembering hardware components and software settings installed on each individual PC, but for the larger networks automated PC inventory software is a must.

We want to introduce Asset Tracker for Networks, a great tool that collects all possible information about the computers connected to your LAN. When started, this program automatically scans your network and retrieves all possible information about each computer being inventoried. After retrieving all this information (up to 1MB per computer and more) the program records in in aa centralized database aloowing the network administrator to access it at any time.

After the initial scan of the network is completed, the network administrator can re-scan his/her network at any time. This will not only make the inventory up-to-date: after the new, updated inventory information was received, Asset Tracker for Networks can compare it to the previous version of inventory information retrieved during the previous scan, and record the changes. Then, after multiple re-scans the network administrator will have the detailed configuration changes history of each computer in his company.

After the inventory information was collected and carefully stored in the database, network administrator can access it at any time, viewing configuration information for each PC in a nice graphical form. Moreover, he/she can build consolidated reports, showing the network inventory in the different views, e.g. sorting computers by processor model or by the amot of memory installed.

Please use the links below to download the freerial versionf the Asset Tracker for Networks PC inventory software or get more information on this outstand±ng product:

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