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PC audit software is somewhat that scans all computers in your network and audits them, i.e. checks if they apply to a certain criteria. There could be different criterias in different companies but 99% of organizations have the same criterias to check their workstations for: they should be safe, fast and reliable. This takes us to the fact that the PC audit process is the same for most companies since the aims are identical.

What are the main functions of the PC audit software? How does it work and what does it do?

To check if a PC complies the criterias the company wants it to comply one should know the PC characteristics. Under "characteristics" here we mean both hardware and software characteristics of the computer. Moreover, these characteristics are compared not to some common set of requirements: they apply or do not apply to the company standards depending on the tasks this software should perform. Obviously a secretary's computer does have different criterias of compliance with the company database server!

But the very first thing for a PC audit software is the speed and accuracy of collecting characteristics of the PC's in the network anyway. This is an obvious point: we need to know charasteristics of an item BEFORE we can compare it to anything.

The best PC audit software that retrieves almost any PC characteristics one can even imagine, more than 1MB per computer, is Asset Tracker for Networks. We strongly recommend to use it during the computers audit in the small-, middle- and large-sized networks, up to thousands computers located in different offices worldwide. This program has a free evaluation version you can use to trial this program in your environment. Please use the links below for more information about Asset Tracker for Networks:

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