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Network Scanning Software

Network scanning software performs it's action by scanning the network and retrieving useful information from this scan. It may be the list of IP addresses equipped by the open TCP ports for each address, this type of the network scan is used when a network administrator scans his/her network for possible volnurability holes. This also might be the scan for open wifi connect points used to disallow unauthorized access to those points. Actually, there are a lot of useful things one can do scanning a network, but we want to piint your attention to scanning the network in order to collect computer inventory information.

Asset Tracker for Networks, the tool available on our site, scans the network and retrieves all possible configuration information from computers and networked devices found. It detects all types of computers, including, but not limited to: Windows workstations, Unix and HP UX servers, SUN servers, linux workstations and so on. Moreover, it is also capable to collect inventory information for non-computer devices, such as routers, hubs, network pronters and faxes and so on. Actually, Asset Tracker for Networks network scanning software scans the network and collects a lot of useful information the Network Administrator can use to support and maintain the network and connected computers.

Please check the free trial version of this tool and find out how does this software scan the network.

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