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Network Scanner Software

Network scanner software perfrms it's action by scanning the network and retrieving useful information from this scan. It may be the list of IP addresses equipped by the open TCP ports for each address, this type of the network scan is used when a network administrator scans his/her network for possible volnurability holes. This also might be the scan for open wifi connect points used to close those points and reduce the probability of intrusion.

An interesting example of the network scanner software is a program that scans the network and collects all possible information regarding the configuration and settings of each device connected to the network. For example, for desktop computers it can record processor serial number, model and speed, amount of memory installed, hard disks models and size and so on. For network equipment like routers it will detect device name, device type, manufacturer and, firmware version and TCP port used to control this device remotelly. After the network scan will be finished, this program will save all collected data in the database so the network administrator will be able to access it at any time.

As an example of this kind of the network scanner software, please check Asset Tracker for Networks. It scans the network and collects configuration information for routers, printers and computers. Please download the free evaluation license of the program below.

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