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Asset Tracker for Networks, our flagship product, is an excellent network scan tool intended to inventory network computers, retrieve all possible configuration information from themnd provide it to the network administrator in a human-readable way. When launched, this program suggests the user to specify the IP address range to scan or select domains, workgroups or individual computers that need to be inventoried. After this will be done, Asset Tracker inspects each computer in the specified range and detects it's hardware configuration and software settings.

All inventory information the program retrieves (more than a megabyte per computer) the program stores in the database on the local hard disk on the network administrator's computer or on a shared network folder depending on the user's choice. After this information was recorded in the database, it can be accessed any time later to either show each individual computer inventory or to build a consolidated report showing network computers configuration in common. In addition to over fifteen reports included into the program installation, the users can construct their own reports by using the Report Builder application included.

As it was mentioned above, Asset Tracker for Networks network scan tool needs to binstalled on only one computer in the network and does not require any client software to be manually populated to all network workstations and servers. This dramatically decreases the time between the first installatioothe product and getting the first results: normally it takes the network administrator only about 20-30 minutes between downloading the application from the internet and getting complete inventory results for an average network. This makes the program as easy to use as powerful since it reveals all possible data from the computers beg inventoried.

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