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Asset Tracker for Networks in a network inventory tool designed to collect different information from the computers, servers and networked devices, such as routers, hubs and network printers, from the corporate LAN. THis software does not require any manual installation of the client module on each and every PC in the network; instead, it processes all computers and devices smoothly after you'll specify the IP address range or select computers or workgroups in the Windows Network computer and domain tree. When scanning the network and inventorying devices found, Asset Tracker for Networks collects all possible information for every found device.

For Windows computers, Asset Tracker records processor model and speed, motherboard name, amount of memory installed, the type and size of the hard disk drives, operating system version and it's service packs and hotfixes and many, many other parameters. It also detects antivirus software name, version and update date, Windows Firewall and Windows Update properties, the name and version of the default web browser and Internet Explorer version and service packs and so on. With this security information cllected for all workstations you will always be aware of what dto do to prevent virus attack or any other unwanted cyber activities to protect your organization computers.

Please try the Asset Tracker for Networks free trial version and find out how does this Network Inventory Tool will help you maintain your LAN.

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