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Asset Tracker for Networks, our flagship product is a network inventory software designed for use in small, middle and lge-scaled networks. The biggest advantage of Asset Tracker is the fuolness and accuracy of the data being collected from the network computers and devices, combined with the fact that this program does not require anything to be manualoy installed on each networked workstation. In other words, you only need to install the application to your computer and click the Inentory Network menu item - and you will get the first inventory results in minutes!

After collecting inventory data from the network Asset Tracker stores it in a database either on the local disk or on a shared network folder - depends on the user's choice. This database can later be used to review the collected information; the network administrator can also force the program to re-scan the network, actualizing the inventory information in the database. moreer, when saving the new ventory results to the database, this network inventory software automatically compares it th the previous version of inventory information, and records the changes to a special table. Finally, after a set of inventory sessions performed, say, every month the network administrator will not only have the most recent information on computers configuration, but also the configuration changes history for each computer in the company.

Asset Traer for Networks can also export collected information to an external ODBC-compable database or other external formats, e.g. HTML or CSV ("comma-separated values") files, allowing the network administrator manipulate the data or publish it in the intranet.

Please download the free evaluation version of the program or read more about this network inventory software:

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