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When discovering the network, it is important to know what devices do support network performance, what computers do you have in LAN and how are they configured, etc. Without this information your knowledge abiut the network is incomplete and often useless no matter what was the reason of the network discovery process since these factors influence the network security, network performance and almost any other component of the network health.

Asset Tracker for Networks, our network discovery tool, is designed to collect all possible information about computers and devices connected to the network. For Windows computers Asset Tracker retrieves processor speed and model, amount of memory installed, hard disks information, motherboard, chassis, video- and network adapter and so on. For software configuration, the program detects operating system name and version, the list of hotfixes and serice pack installed, OS security settings (Windows Firewall, Automatic Updates) and antivirus software details.the program also retrieves the list of software installed, each software title equipped with software name, version, manufacturer nameinstallation folder path and for certain popular products from Microsoft and Adobe - even the registration keys information.

All inventory information the program detects is saved in the database for later use. At any time later network administrator can not only watch configuration information for any computer inventoried in the past, but also print a consolidated report: over a dozen of reports are built into the program, plus the users can construct their own by using the Report Builder tool included into the program installation. Inventory information can also be exported to any external format, including, but not limited to ODBC databases, HTML or text files and so on.

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