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You should know WHAT network discovery tool you are looking for. This tool will discover the network for - WHAT? What information should it show the user after discoverying the network?

There is a wide range of network discovery tools available on the internet. They perform different tasks and display very different information to the user, but the most important and complex tools of this kind are those that discover the network and retrieve hardware and software information for each computer and networked device found.

After this configuration will be retrieved, the tool stores it in a centralized database so the network administrator or another responsible person at any time can check what operatinsystem is installed on Joe's computer or how mu memory does Mr.Roberts have on his PC.

Network discovery tools of this kind retrieve as much information about each networked PC as possible. They detect processor model and speed, amount of memory installed, hard disk drives capacity, video adapter model, network card type (wired or wireless) speed and configuration, peripheral equipment like printers and scanners and so on. For software options they detect not only operating system name and version, but also service packs and hotfixes installed, the name and version of the antivirus package used, and, finally, the list of software (sometimes with the license keys) installed on each individual PC.

Finally, the network administrator or IT team member who used this software against his/her network sees the complete configuration of the network received after the network scan. Of course he can later review the configuration detected or even re-scan the whole network or a certain part of it, updating the information stored in the computers configuration database.

To see it working by yourself please try the evaluation version of the Asset Tracker for Networks, possibly the best tool of this kind available:

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