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Many companies need to know what does their networks consist of and how do they operate. This sounds funny; however, there is certain sence in this willing. The oblem is that the company IT infrastructuris developed and maintained by the IT team leader, and the management rarelly can understand the network architecture principles used the person who designed the network.

If the chief IT specialist changes, i.e. the company hires another person to develop the computer infrastructure of the company, that new person starts development of the network using his own rules a principles. Finally the company might come to a situation when nobody knowin detail how is the company network infrastructure designed and what are the design principles. In this case the company should perform the full audit of the entire network,nd this is the case when the network auditing software is used.

What software titles should be chosen to the role of the network auditing software? The very first tool that should be used in this case is a network inventory program. This application scans the network for computers and devices connected to it and retrieves all possible properties of each item, for example, processor model and speed, operating system name and version, amount of physical memory, etc. installed on each individual device.

After retrieving this information the program records it in a centralized database, allowing the network administrator not only access the database later, but also building a basis for the hardware configuration change history that can be generated after several scans of the network. It also allows the network administrator to generate consolidated reports including certain characteristics of all networked devices found.

One of the best softwartitles of this kind is Asset Tracker for Networks. Please use the links below to get more information about this software or downoload the free trial version of this application:

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