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Network Audit Report

When compiling a network audit report, it is very important to not to forget to include the network inventory nformation in that report. The reason is simple: the network consists of computers, servers and networked devices and the report won't be full enough without knowing the nature of these entities: their hardware configuration, settings and list of software installed on them. These parameters have a great influence of the network health. For example, a single PC infected with a virus can stop the functions of a whole network by sending a lot of network packets to all directions and loading the network bandwidth. In other words, the network depends not only on it's infrastructure, but also on each PC conected to the network, and it is important to know the configuration of all networked computers before you can build the network audit report.

One of our software products, Asset Tracker for Networks, is designed to collect configuration information from all network workstations, servers and network equipment. When inventorying a computer, this program records all network-sensitive information, such as network adapter type and speed, antivirus name, version and last virus database update date, the list of the software installed and so on, and saves this information in a cetralized database. Later you can extract this information from the database in the form of the inventory reports or export the database (originally stored in the set of XML files) to an ODBC databasr in order to include it into the network audit report.

Please check the Asset Tracker for Networks software and find out how does this tool will help you generate the network audit report for your organization.

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