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Network audit software is a kind of software used to scan the network and detect all it's functions, bottlenecks, scurity issues and so on. One cannot imagine a software tool that does all the required tasks in one software package - or, to be more exact, which does them all with the satisfactory quality. Normally, a network administrator has a toolset consisting of different software packages, each package having it's own field of responsibility. When inspecting the network for certain factor, the network administrator chooses the right tool from his toolset and uses it to retrieve the required information.

Due to the complexity of the task, the network audit software tools be as much automated as possible. Let us suppose that a tool that scans all computers in the network requires a client package to be installed to each workstation. This is more or less acceptably in the case of a small network having not more than 25-50 computers (and even in this case it will take the network administrator a full working day or even more to install the package to all workstations), but abolutelly unaceptable if the network consists of hundreds or even thousands machines. Unattented install feature sometimes solves the issue, but should be unsed only when there is no other way to do the job. Ideally, the program of this kind should run from the network administrator's computer (or a dedicated computer to not to slow down the admin's PC) and do it's job automatically wthout focusing the admin's attention on it until the task will be completed.

We can recommend you a tool of this kind: our Asset Tracker for Networks which scans the corporate network and inventories all found computers and devices. It does not require any manual installation on the target PC's and does everything automatically.

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