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Auditing IT infrastructure and computer assets of the company is an important part of the company's IT team work. This not only allows the company to estimate those assets and prevents the assets from theft but also helps the network administrators better manage the IT infrastructure and increase the network performance. One of the best tools in IT auditing field is Asset Tracker for Networks.

When started, Asset Tracker for Networks suggests the user to audit the local area network and then starts inventorying computers and devices connected to the network. This program retrieves all possible information about each individual computer, including hardware details, for example, processor, memory and hard disks characteristics, software details such as operating system properties or the list of software installed, and peripheral devices such as monitors or printers description. The program can also process non-computer networked devices like routers or network printers inventorying them using the SNMP protocol.

After the IT auditing described above is completed, the program stores collected information (over a megabyte per computer) in a database stored on a local hard disk or in a shared network folder allowing the network administrator secure the data or share it between collegues if necessary. This inventory database can be accessed at any time so the network adminisrrator can review the characteristics of each individual computer without having to re-inventory it again.

The IT auditing database described above also allows the user to build consolidated reports showing, for example, how many computers in the organization have this or that software installed. The user can print the reports using over ten built-in report templates, and even construct their own by using the Report Builder application included into the program installation. The user c even export the information to various data sources, e.g. ODBC-compatible database or a text file.

Please use the links below to download the free trial version of Asset Tracker for Networks and evaluate it in your network immediatelly, or read more about this software:

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