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Network Audit

There are many tasks required to do to make a complete audit of a network: network security audit, network inventory, etc., and many of them require specialized tools to complete this or that task. In this article we will discuss the tool that completes the main component of network audit - the network inventory process that collects information about all computers and other devices connected to the network - Asset Tracker for Networks.

This program scans the network usin the IP address range specified by the user and enumerates all addresses that have a device with that address. Then, Asset Tracker identifies the type of the device and executes the inventory routine applicapable to that device type. For example, for non-computer devices such as routers and network printers it uses SNMP as the main protocol that can be used to get device configuration parameters, etc. In the end, Asset Tracker retrieves as much information about each networked item as possible. For example, for a Windows computer it reveals one to three megabytes of useful configuration information.

All inventory information detected during the network audit process is recorded in the Asset Tracker inventory database stored on the local hard disk of the network admistrator or in a shared network folder. The first way of storage is used for the extra safety of this (sensitive) information; the second is used to share the inventory information between different IT team members. This database is used for reviewing the configuration of a PC or server or device without re-inventorying it at any time when this information is needed, and also for generation of the printable reports included into the program installation.

Please use the lks below to download the free trial version of Asset Tracker for Networks you can evaluate in your environment, or read more about this software:

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