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When auditing IT resources, e network administrators use different tools to implement different components of the entire process. In this article we will discuss the network inventory component - the most importantnd most complex part of IT audit.

Asset Tracker Networks, the software tool for network inventory, scans the network and finds all computers and devices attached to it. After finding a computer or device, the program performs the full inventory of the found item, retrieving all possible software and hardware information. This information will be stored in the program's inventory database that will allow the network administrator to access it at any time later, checking the configuration of any network item without leaving their own workplace.

The inventory database can be stored on the local computer of the network administrator or, alternativelly, in a shared network folder. The first method guarantees the maximal security of the network configuration and maximal access speed; the second allows to share the inventory information between collegues. Asset Tracker for Networks supports multi-user access to it's database, so multiple users can work with it at the same time.

The Asset Tracker for Networks inventory database can also be used to generate detailed or consolidated printable reports outlining this or that issue. The program is equipped with over ten pre-configured reports, plus users can construct their own by using the Report Builder tool included into the program installation. Inventory data from the program's database can also be exported to various formats, including, but not limited to the ODBC-compatible databases, set of HTML files, etc. The export option also allows to include the data into the entire IT audit report no matter what format was chosen for it.

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