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IT Audit Checklist

IT audit checklist is a sheet of paper or electronic list (a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or a screen or set of screens in a specialized software program) used to work with when auditing IT resources in a company. It is necessary to perform the audit of IT resources on a regular basis at least one or two times per year to ensure that the company IT infrastructure is working in a proper way, does not have bottlenecks or vulnerability holes, etc.

If a company will not do the full IT audit, it should be ready that in a few years it will encounter serious problems in the everyday operations. One day one of the network components will stop responding or slow down. As the result, some of the company's employees won't be able to do their job in time and this could dramatically drop down the company performance.

What components does IT audit include?

The first and main part of the IT audit checklist is the process of collecting different information about the company's IT infrastructure, so-called IT inventory process. During this process the company IT team collects and updates information about the computers, networked devices, peripherals, etc. included into the IT infrastructure. When collecting this information, the IT team gets detailed software and hardware characteristics of each device or computer component in the network. After collecting this information and having the complete and full picture of the computerized company assets, IT guys can make decisions on improving the network, upgrading the components that need upgrade, etc.

The very best software tool used to collect such information about the company network and computer assets is Asset Tracker for Networks. It will inventory all your computer infrastructure and build the detailed IT audit checklist for you. Please use the links below to get more information on this software and download the free trial version of application:

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