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When an IT consulting company gets a new client - a company that needs to outsource it's IT services to them - the consulting company has to make the full audit of the client's network before they can even suggest the client the price for their serices.

When creating the IT audit report for these purposes, the consulting company uses different software that perform the full audit of the client's network. This is a special type of software: security auditing tools that finds vulnerability holes in the corporate IT infrastructure, network inventory programs that collect detailed information on the computers and network devices connected to the company's network, etc.

In this article we will focus on the network inventory software. The programs of this kind scan the corporate network and collect allmpossible configuration information about each device found. For computers, they detect computer type (workstation/server/etc), computer manufacturer, model, serial number that can be used when contacting warranty/repair services, etc. For computer hardware settings, the tools of this kind detects processor model and speen, amount of memory installed,ard disk drives informationnetwork and graphic adapter names and characteristics and even monitor name and resolution.

For software settings, a network inventory program records operating system name and version, service packs and hotfixes installed. It also detects the full list of software (with version numbers and even with the registration keys for the most popular software packages) installed on each computer. Antivirus software name, version and the last virus database date are alsoncluded into the IT audit report generated bu such program.

Please check one of the most reliable programs of this kind - Asset Tracker for Networks. This software retrieves over one megabyte of settings data from each computer being detected! Please use the links below to download the free trial version of Asset Tracker for Networks:

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