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When maintaining the IT infrastructure of a company, it is important to be aware about all IT assets belonging to the company. Network administrators often use specialized software that collects detailed information about all corporate IT assets; in this article we will discuss one of the best programs of this kind - Asset Tracker for Networks.

Working on one of the network computers (most likelly on the computer of the network administrator), this IT asset management tool connects to the network and enumerates all computers and network devices - network printers, routers, etc. - connected to it. For each computer or device detected Asset Tracker detects the type of the device and then the full hardware and software configuration of the device. This program detects computer processor model and speed, RAM size, HDD count and capacity, network and graphic adapters properties, etc.; for devices, it detects device name, model, type and certain properties depending on the type of the device. If speaking about software IT assets, the program collects information about installed software and allows the user to compare e number of installations to the number of licenses belonging to the company that also can be stored in the program's database.

The information mentioned above is stored in a database so the responsible user can watch certain computer configuration or build consolidated report without having to re-inventory a computer or device every time. However, the program is still able to re-inventory the network in manual or automated scheduled mode; when re-inventorying the network, it not only actualizes it's database, but also automatically compares the newly detected computer's configuration information with the one saved during the previous inventory session and records changes forming device configuration changes history.

Asset Tracker for Networks is an excellent IT asset management tool and you can check it by downloading the free trial version of the program. You can also proceed to the program's site and get more information about Asset Tracker for Networks using the link below:

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