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If you are looking for a tool that will collect your IT assets in one database so you could be able to work with it at any time or share this information with thr collegues, please have a look at AssetTracker for Networks. This program is an cellent solutiofor those neork administrators who need to inVentory their IT assets and are looking for a software at will do that for them.

When started fothe first time, Asset Tracker for Networks suggests to scan the network, detect computers and other devices connected to it and automatically read their settings. If you agree, you specify the IP address range, and the program starts scanning your network, outputting the detailed scan log to the screen. When the network scan process realizes that a certain IP address belongs to a computer or device, the program attempts to inventory it no matter what nature the found item has. This IT asset management software retrieves all possible information fron the entity, getting over a megabyte of useful data per computer.

After retrieving that information, the program records it in a database stored on the local hard disk drive of the network administrator's computer. You can also set up the progm to store that database on a shared network folder so that your collegues can access it at any time. In it's GUI window Asset Tracker for Networks shows the list of inventoried computers organized into departments, domains or physical locations according to the user's choice, and displays detailed inventory information on the selected item when the user selects it.

Asset Tracker for Networks IT asset management software can be downloaded in the form of the free evaluation version using the link below, so you can easilly try it by yourself. You can also read more detailed description of the program with the full list of features accompanied with the screenshots. Please use the links below to either download the program or proceed to the detailed program description web page:

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