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Inventory program is a program designed to collect and store the company inventory information and generate inventory reports (cmbined and detailed) showing the company assets from the diferent points of view. If speaking about the computer inventory programs, they should collect information about the company computers and their configuration, store collected information in a database and display the collected information in a nice graphical view. On demand, this program should be able to generate inventory reports and display combined information on the company computer assets with the filtering and sorting possibilities.

It is also important that an inventory program should have a reliable open database with the export option. The user can need to export collected inventory information in the in-house corporate database using ODBC so they could manipulate data and build reports in a friendly environment. According to our experience, the possibility to export inventory information is a very important issue of a program of this kind.

And, finally, such a software should be easy to use. When saying "easy to use", we meen not actually standard program interface or help system, but the procedure of the program installation. Some of the inventory programs require a client software to be manually installed to each and every networked PC in the organization. It sounds fully if the enteire corporate network includes hundreds and thousands of computers in different cities or even countries.

No, this is absolutelly impossible. An inventory program should be able to populate itself to all computers in the entire network - or even do not require population, allowing the user to inventory the network remotelly.

This is how the Asset Tracker for Networks software works. It does not require any clients to be manually installed on the network computers but collects as much as 1-2MB of inventory information from each individual PC, and allows to exp[ort it to an external storage. Please try the free evaluation version of the program and check if it meets your requirements.

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