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Auditing IT functions is a very important part of a modern corporation. In the today's world, information technologies play more and more important role in the company's functions, and if it stops functioning due to some reason, in most cases the entire firm stops functioning. In other words, we have a very, very important factor that may negativelly reflect on the company operations, and it is very important to keep it in a good condition in order to be able to compete on the market. And if we have something we have to support in a good state, we have to audit it on a regular basis to be sure that one day the things won't go out from our comtrol.

Before starting the audit, we need to have the complete list of all IT infrastructure resources, and first of all the list of computers, peripheral devices like printers or faxes, network equipment and so on. Each item in that list should be equipped with the list of at least beasic item characteristics, e.g. the standard processor/memory/disks characteristics of a computer. However, this is not enough for the IT audit: atually, you have to have the FULL list of item characteristics to be sure that you do not miss anything.

To build that list, you need a special kind of IT audit software called network inventory program. This product will scan your network and automatically generate the list of computers/devices/etc. with the detailed characteristics of each item. A good example of such program is Asset Tracker for Networks that will help you do the IT audit with the excellent quality.

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