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It is not possible to find a software program able to do all aspects of the information system audit in full and with acceptable quality; instead, people often use specialized software each doing it's own task, and finally have the most detailed IS audit one can imagine. In this article we will discuss one of the two main components of the IT audit process: IT inventory, i.e. retrieving detailed configuration information about computers and other network components.

Asset Tracker for Networks, our information system inventory tool, retrieves all possible information about the network components. When started, the program suggests the user to specify the IP address range and, when this will be completed, starts the inventory process. When working, the program inspects each IP address in the specified range and if it detects that this address is assigned to a computer or a network device, starts the inventory process for it. For Windows computers, the programs retrieves over one megabyte of useful inventory information, i.e. almost everything possible; for computers running other operating systems and network devices such as routers and network printers Asset Tracker retrieves all information that can be get via SNMP protocol.

After retrieving configuration information from the computers and devices Asset Trackers records it in a centralized database stored on the network administrator's local computer or on a shared network folder according to the user's preferences. This information contas almost everything aboutnthe network and can be used at any time. The network administrator can not only view the inventory information for each individual device, but also build consolidated printable reports and even export it to various formats, includi, bunot limited to ODBC databases or text and HTML files that can be included into the information system audit report.

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