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Hardware Inventory

What information about computer hardware should be collected during the inventory process in a single corporate network?

First of all, the inventory program should record manufacturer, model and serial number of each PC in the organization. Some of the computers will not have a model or a serial number since they were assembld from different parts of no-name manufacturers, but all they have a motherboard or shassis serial number that can be retrieved programmatically.

Then, of cource, you should record processor type and name, amount of RAM memory installed and hard disk drives capacity and model. In some cases the model of the computer's video adapter can be also important. Please also add information about the peripheral devices attached to the computer: printer and scanner if any, monitor, external modem and other devices. You should record not only make and model for those devices, but also their serial numbers: this will help you identify devices in the case of unauthorized component change by the personnel, and also in the case of the technical support or repair services if a device wll get out of order.

Obvoiusly, it is hard or even impossible to do the above by hands in the case of the middle- and large-sized computer networks. Instead, you should use a software program that does this job for you automatically. Please check the Asset Tracker for Networks software and find out how does this tool will help you to perform the full hardware inventory in your company.

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