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Hardware Inventory System

Asset Tracker for Networks, a computer software that collects information about computers and networked devices and records it in a central database, is an excellent hardware inventory system that will help a network administrator in their efforts to protect and maintain their networks.

Asset Tracker scans the network for computers and network devices in a given IP address range and inventories every computer or device found. For Windows cmputers, it records operating system name and version, list of service packs and hotfixes, antivirus name and version and other security settings specified for this PC. For hardware information, Asset Tracker identifies motherboard, chassis, processor name, model and speed, amount of memory installed, hard disks, network adapter name and settings, video adapter model and amount of video memory on board, computer manufacturer and serial number. It also collects monitor information: name, model, resolution and even serial number that might be helpful if the device will get out of order and the network administrator will have to contact the repair services with this device.

In other words, Asset Tracker for Networks is an ideal hardware inventory system a network administrator can even wish to have in his/her toolbox. Please check the free trial version of the program and find out how does this tool will help you maintain your corporate LAN.

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