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Hardware Configuration

Knowing the configuration of all computers in the corporate area network is a big deal for a network administrator. The main goal of an IT team member is to keep the IT part of the company's assets up and running. Moreover, software vendors develop more and more complex software that requires more and more powerful computers; as a result, a company should keep constantly upgrading it's IT infrastructure and plan those upgrades.

But how do you know what computers have which hardware components? OK, if you have just a few computers, you can have it in your mind; up to 15 computers you can record in a notebook (do you remember that is "notebook"? I mean a few sheets of paper combined together, not a computer:), but what if you have hunderds? Thousands?

In this case you need a software tool that will collect information abount the hardware comfiguration of each individual computer in your local area network and provide you with the set of consolidated reports on your network equipment. With such a tool you will always know what motherboards and processors do your computers have, how much RAM is installed on this or that workstation or is designer's desktop fast enough to have the new version of Corel installed.

Please check the Asset Tracker for Networks software and find out how does this tool will help you to perform the full inventory of computer's hardware configuration in your company.

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