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Hardware Audit

Hardware audit is the most important part of the PC infrastructure maintenance routines. During this process the network team generates the list of hardware devices - computers, peripheral devices like prints or scanners and network equipment: routers, hubs, modems, etc. used to organize the computer network of the company. Then, each listed item gets equipped with the list of details that fully describe the item. It is processor model and speed, memory amount, hard disks models and capacity r computers, device name, modeand type for network equipment and so on.

Hardware audit is rarelly performed manually, by writing down each device characteristics on paper. Instead, people use specialized software able to not only implement this task automatically, but also solve accompanying task like software license management or generation of the security components report: antivirus versions, servicepacks and hotfixes installed, etc.

One of the best software of this kind is Asset Tracker for Networks. When started, it scans the local area network for computers and devices connected and then scans eacfound device, retrieving all possible hardware characteristics from it. This information is stored in a centralized database and can be accessed any time later, allowing the network administrator, IT director or any other responsible person to access it at any time andee the detailed characteristics of each computer or device in the company.

Moreer, youan set up this software to automatically re-scan the network on the regular basis. In this case you will not only have the mostecent, actual information on your network's hardware components and their settings, but also have the haware components change history for each dividual device, since after each scan this program compares the recent configuration of each device with the previous one and writes down the changes (accompanied with the ange detection date) in a separate table.

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