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If you are a network administrator and have a network of at least 50 computers (or more), you never know hardware and software configuration of each and every PC in your network. From the other side, sometimes it might be very useful to have this information in a few mouse clicks.

Asset Tracker for Networks, an excellent computer inventory software, retrieves this information for you. After you download and install Asset Tracker to your computer, you click the Inventory Network menu item, specify the IP address range or select computers, workgroups or domains in the Windows Network tree and get the full computer inventory of your network in a few minutes. You do not have to install anything to each and every network workstation manually: just click the Inventory Network menu item, wait a bit and get the resullt in a few minutes.

The inventory information Asset Tracker retrieves is absolutelly full and accurate. It gets over 1 MB of useful data from each computer! It retrieves computer hardware configuration, software settings, security options, hardware serial numbers and software licensing information - everything you can expect from a tool of this kind you will see in Asset Tracker for Networks. The data retrieved is stored in a database on your local drive or in a shared disk folder so you can easilly access it at any time later.

With Asset Tracker you can also generate consolidated printable reports on the computers inventory. Those reports are based on the information stored in the inventory database described above. You can even construct your own reports by using the Report Builder application included into the program installation!

Please download the free trial version of Asset Tracker for Networks and check the power by yourself, or read detailed description of the program using the links below:

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