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Asset Tracker for Networks is a computer audit program designed to retrieve inventory information from the corporate computers connected to the local area network, and other company computers. For the computers connected to the netwk you may click the Inventory Network menu item in the program's main window and it will scan the network computers, retrieve inventory information from each and store it in a centralized database. For computers not connected to theetwork, e.g. company representatives that do not work in the office but, being equipped with the notebooks, visit potential and current clients all day along, the program might be installed on each notebook individually and configured to send inventory information to the central locati thru the Internet.

While doing computer audit, Asset Tracker for Networks reveals all possible information about the computer being inventoried. Asset Tracker detects processor speed and model, amount of memory installed, hard disk drive(s) models, capacity anconfiguration, i.e. how are they sepapared into the logical disks and what size and file system does each logical disk have. Asset Tracker also detects motherboard model and serial number, computer serial number, graphical and network adapter properties and much, much more.

In regards to software, Asset Tracker detects operating system name and version, service pack and list of hotfixes installed and the name, version of the antivirus program installed, it's version and the date of the last virus database update. While doing computer audit Asset Tracker also generates the list of the installed software, each software title equipped with name, version number and, in some cases, the vendor name, installation folder and even the program registration number (for certain popular products only). This information is also recorded in the ceral database and, so can be accessed by the network administrator at any time later.

Please use the links below to either download the free trial version of the program to check it in your network, or read more about Asset Tracker for Networks:

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