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If you have a network with at least 50-70 computers you need a software able to perform the full audit of your PC park. Without knowing the configuration of each individual PC in the company you won't be able to fix the user's problems fast (in 90 percent of cases it is sufficient to know the computer configuration to advice the user by telephone and this will fix the problem), and "knowing configuration" for a network of 50 PC's or more means "having a software able to inventory PC's".

In this article we will describe Asset Tracker for Networks, a specialized software that will audit PC park in your company and provide you, the network administrator, the detailed report for each computer configuration. For Windows computers Asset Tracker retrieves processor name and speed, amount of memory installed, hard disk drives sizes, video adapter model and video RAM size, network adapter name, speed and type (e.g. Ethernet, WiFi, etc.) and so on. For software characteristics, the program detect operating system name and version, list of service packs and hotfixes installed, antivirus software name, version and last update date, Windows Firewall and Windows Update settings and so on.

Asset Tracker for Networks audit PC software retrieves the full list of software installed on each computer in the company. For each applicatiin Asset Tracker retrieves the name, version, manufacturer name, technical support contacts information and even the license keys/registration keys for the most popular software titles: Windows, Office, Photoshop, etc. In addition to this Asset Tracker can calculate software licenses used in the company and compare them to the number of licensed purchased by the company, outlining the softwaee which needs additional licenses to be bought.

Asset Tracker for Networks is an excellent tool to audit your PCs park, and you may try it in your network by installing the free trial version available at the links below:

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