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Computer Asset Management

What is computer asset management? What operations and routines should it include?

The main part of the computer asset management is the computer inventory process. During this routine the network administrator or IT team member examines each computer in the organizations for the components it consists of, hardware and software configuration, the list of software installed (yes, software should also be included since the software licenses the company owns is also an asset and should also be inventoried) and so on. Obviously, this process should be automated since it is impossible to collect detailed information on software and hardware configuration for a network contaning even 50-70 computers. And what if the network contains 1000?

A software of this kind atomatically scans the network and inventories all computers and devices found. For each computer, it records processor name, model and speed, amount of memory installed, hard disks information. If this computer was assembled by a big brand, the program often detects computer serial number that wll be used if the computer will get out of order and the IT team will have to contact the manufacturer for repair services. It also enumerates all software installe on each computer and compares the number of installations to the number of licenses the company owns (do you remember the problem with the licenses described above?) and virtually all other characteristics of the computer. After that, the program writes all collected information to a centralized database so it could later be accessed by a responsible person.

Please check the Asset Tracker for Networks software, this is exactly the tool we described above. Asset Tracker will help you in the computer asset management process.

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