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Network Inventory Management

Network inventory management is the process devoted to increase the efectiveness of using the company's computer resources. Under "computer resources" we will mean not only cmputers themselves, but also non-PC devices like printers and scanners, network equipment like routers and hubs and even the software installed on the computers since the can software nfluence the effectiveness.

What is required to effectivelly manage the network inventory? First of all, you should have the list of your networked assets, equipped with the notes regarding the settings and configuration of each item. For example, it will be strange to record computers without making a note about the computer speed (processor frequency) or amount of memory installed on this or that PC.

To create that inventory list for network inventory management, you should use one of the network inventory software programs available on the market. We advice you to have a look at Asset Tracker for Networks that collects all possible information about your network and stores it in a centralized database you can later use to check the properties of this or that inventory item. Moreover, after a few inventory processes that are done automatically (the program scans the network and inspects found devices without having a human to manage the process) Asset Tracker will show you the history of changes happened to each individual device or computer. Please download your free evaluation copy of the program and check it by yourself!

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