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What does it mean - IT inventory? What is it used for?

This is a synonim for inventorying all company's IT assets: computers, printers and network equipment, recording software and hardware configuration of each ndividual device on a separate place. Later, when the full inventory process will be completed, IT professionals, having a wider view on the detaile information collected, will be able to understand the curent status of the organization's IT assets, plan upgrades and modifications or the company computers or network infrastructure.

During the IT inventory one should collect all possible information about each individual device in the company's network. If we are speaking about Windows computers, it is necessary to record the type, model and frequency of the computer processor, amount of memory installed, motherboard model, type, model and volume for all hard disk drives connected, video adapter model and memory size, monitor name and size and so on. It is also very important to have the list of software titles installed on each indiviual PC, including software name, version, type (commercial or opensource/freeware) and manufacturer name. Of cource one should also have the name of the operating system installed, list of service packs and hotfixes, browser name and version and antivirus softrware name, version and last update date on file.

Regardless to say that it is impossible to do all that job manually, and there should be a software solution that not only does this for you, but also generates combined reports on the IT inventory collected. One of such tools is Asset Tracker for Networks, and we will be glad if you'll agree to try the free evaluation version of this software.

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