Standard vs. Professional

Alchemy Eye PRO is the professional version of the program. In addition to the monitoring types included in the standard version of Alchemy Eye, the PRO version is able to monitor and control processes (running programs) on remote Windows computers.

The PRO version of Alchemy Eye can do everything the Standard version does PLUS:

Monitors processes on remote computers

The Process Monitor Plugin included into Alchemy Eye PRO package will monitor processes (running programs) on the remote Windows NT/2000/XP computers and notify the Network Administrator if the process hangs or exits or if the amount of memory used by the process exceeds the specified limits.

Starts and stops processes on remote computers

The Process Control Plugin allows you to start, stop and restart applications on the remote NT/2000/XP computers as the result of the network problems detected by Alchemy Eye. In other words, you can monitor the activity of an application on the remote server and restart it if Alchemy Eye detects that the process does not respond.